Like many out there I waited it out. I decided I wasn’t jumping in with both feet with a first-rev 10.5 Mac OS, especially since I had already compiled a list of applications, plug-ins and extensions that would not work with Leopard. I had already purchased my copy of Leopard (using my iPhone $100 store credit), so I had to exercise some self-control.

When 10.5.1 came out I was tempted to upgrade, but since the list of programs that I wouldn’t be able to use had not shrunk enough for my taste, I decided to wait a little longer. As I read more about all the problems that were still unresolved with 10.5.1 I decided that 10.5.2 might be a much better time for me to make the transition.

While Apple worked on 10.5.2 third-party developers were going crazy with Leopard updates to their software, and my list of incompatible programs kept shrinking. Finally I was left with just one key application I just couldn’t live without: SuperDuper! But after a new Leopard-compatible version of SuperDuper! came out on 02/05/08, and Mac OS 10.5.2 on 02/11/08, I was all over it. That same night I bit the bullet and upgraded to Leopard. Of course, I did one last SuperDuper! backup before starting the upgrade process…just in case.

It all went without a hitch and after running it for the last 10-days or so I have to say I’m very pleased with it. It does seem to run much smoother than Tiger, and at times it sure feels faster. I’m yet to explore all the new features (spaces, time machine, back to my mac, etc), but I’m really enjoying the snappiness of Mail and Spotlight searches.

Update: I started running out of disk space all of a sudden (after clearing about 8GB of old files and email attachments to give my drive a little breathing room), and noticed that spotlight was busy indexing. It didn’t take long to see the spotlight index was growing out of control, so I had to delete it and let it start over from scratch. I did this by adding my hard drive to Spotlight’s “Privacy” tab, and removing it after a few minutes. I now have 14GB of free space, go figure!